Science Advisory Committee

The Science Advisory Committee (SAC) will collaborate with the MediPharm Labs management team on advancements in the emerging fields of cannabinoid extraction and cannabinoid-based derivative science. This work will serve to further enhance the Company’s manufacturing platform and research practices, assist management in evaluating commercial opportunities related to technologies, testing and methodologies and provide guidance on partnerships with globally preeminent academic and medical institutions for cannabis research.

Science Advisory Committee Mandate

The SAC’s mandate is to advise and assist MediPharm Labs in harnessing the potential of cannabis through innovation, best practices, thought leadership and strategic alliances in support of MediPharm Labs’ vision of being The Trusted Global Leader in Industrial-Scale Manufacturing of High-Quality, Cannabinoid-Based Derivatives.

The Board of Directors’ Science Committee provides oversight to the Science Advisory Committee. Board Members providing this oversight are Independent Directors, Pharmacist, Miriam McDonald, MSc. and Dr. Paul Tam, MBBS, FRCP(C), FACP.

Inaugural members of the Science Advisory Board include:

Headshot of Jerry King, PhD

Jerry King, PhD

Dr. King is a world-renowned extraction expert with more than 53 years of experience in supercritical fluid technology, chemical separations, chromatography, and applied chemical engineering & chemistry. Prior to joining the department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Arkansas, he was Program Manager/Research Scientist in the Supercritical Fluid Facility at the Los Alamos National Laboratory.  Dr. King was also the Lead Scientist of the Critical Fluid Technology Group at the National Center for Agricultural Utilization Research.  His research interests include the development of critical fluid technology for food and agro-material processing, materials science, and analytical applications, and his work in industry has included HPLC methods development for biotechnology, installation of process chromatography, and industrial analysis of saccharides and starch polymers, commercialization of processes dealing with environmentally-benign production of value-added agricultural and botanical materials, and CO2 – based cleaning and micro-electronics production.  His R & D activities have involved extensive interaction with government regulatory agencies such as FSIS, FDA, FGIS, EPA, and DOE as well as Euro-based agencies.  He has authored over 275 publications (191 are peer-reviewed, including three patents) in Supercritical Fluid Extraction, Supercritical Fluid Chromatography, and related separation techniques; and has lectured extensively on these subjects over the past 40 years at national and international symposia.  He serves on the editorial board of the Journal of Supercritical Fluids, Italian Journal of Food Science, Journal of the American Oil Chemical Society, INFORM, and is a member of ACS, AIChE, AOCS, IFT, AOAC, ASTM, and US or international critical fluid technology groups.  He is a Vice President of the International Society for the Advancement of Supercritical Fluids.  Dr. King received his B.Sc. in Chemistry and continued with graduate studies at Butler University and the University of Utah. In 1973, he received his Ph.D. in surface characterization studies using chromatographic methods from Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts, and conducted postdoctoral research in physical chemistry at Georgetown University in Washington, DC.  Dr. King was named Scientist of the Year at NCAUR in 1993, and elected to Who’s Who in America, among many other awards, designations and acknowledgements for merit.

Headshot of Arshad Hack, MHA, MD

Arshad Hack, MHA, MD

Dr. Hack is a practicing Family Physician with over 10 years of clinical experience throughout the full spectrum of clinical medicine. Over this period, Dr. Hack has become widely respected as an engaged and empowered patient advocate, visionary leader, and innovator. In addition to his busy clinical practice which includes acute inpatient medicine as a Hospitalist, outpatient medicine, obstetrics, palliative care, and long-term care, he has held the position of the Chief of Family Medicine at Joseph Brant Hospital, Burlington, Ontario since 2010. Dr. Hack’s experience includes playing a key role in the interdisciplinary development of the Geriatric Assessment Clinic - a clinic focused on further meeting the needs of our aging community and their families – as , well as his role in Quality as the Medical Director of the Rehabilitation and Complex Continuing Care Program at Joseph Brant Hospital. Dr. Hack is a systems thinker with a passion for collaboration, integration, quality management and evidence-based medicine. He always strives to enhance the patient experience in the health care system through his own personal care and systems influence and works with teams to continuously move patient outcomes further forward. Dr. Hack works as a health care consultant, helping other organizations enhance the quality of care, and efficiency in providing such care. Dr. Hack holds an Honours Degree in Botany and Human Biology from the University of Toronto. He subsequently completed his Masters in Health Administration from Dalhousie University. While working as a hospital administrator at Baycrest Centre for Geriatric Care where he planned the development of the integrated Brain Health Clinic, he found his passion for clinical medicine and completed his Medical Degree at the University of Connecticut. He returned to Canada in 2007 to further hone his skills in Family Medicine at McMaster University and utilize his skill set for the benefit of his community and all Canadians. Dr. Hack holds an Assistant Clinical Professorship at McMaster University in the Department of Family Medicine, and is actively involved in medical education, both with Family Medicine Residents, and medical students.

Headshot of Dr. Carolina Landolt-Marticorena, MD, PhD

Dr. Carolina Landolt-Marticorena, MD, PhD

Dr. Landolt-Marticorena is trained in internal medicine and rheumatology with a sub-specialization in the management of complex autoimmune disorders. Dr. Landolt-Marticorena completed a Research Fellowship and Chief Residency at the University of Toronto, and as a clinician-scientist, authoring multiple highly cited publications. She has held appointments at numerous Academic Institutions and Research Hospitals, garnering national and international awards at every stage of her career.

In 2015 Dr. Landolt turned her focus to the emerging field of cannabinoid medicine establishing the first specialty-run clinic in Canada. Her practice focuses on the use of cannabinoids in the management of chronic pain conditions including degenerative and inflammatory arthritis, musculoskeletal and neuropathic pain and fibromyalgia. She has developed a unique expertise in this emerging area of medicine and is a sought-after academic speaker and public media expert. She is committed to developing accredited training programs for physicians and allied health care personnel, including for University of Toronto Mitchener Institute, while also practicing Internal Medicine at Thunder Bay Regional Hospital and serving on the Cannabis Medical Advisory Board of Shoppers Drugmart.